Task Manager Task Manager
Task Manager does in Windows on a normal pc

登録カテゴリ: レジストリ・システム 操作性向上・チューンアップ

The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. The name is maybe not appropriated anymore because of all the stuff it provides now. But at the beginning it was just made to manage all running processes as the Task Manager does in Windows on a normal pc.




Dotfred (http://www.dotfred.net/TaskMgr.htm)


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V3.1 [2008/06/21(Sat)]

Version 3.1:

- fix bug in Processes sort after refresh
- add sort in exported functions
- add sort on notifications tab
- add regedit keep settings for navbar, statusbar and splitter
- add registry import capability to delete keys and values in the format specified by Microsoft
- add export of a specific registry key to the command line